Jaden Smith talks new music with sister Willow

Jaden Smith talks new music with sister Willow

More new music is in the pipeline from the Smith family - Jaden and Willow are in studio! 

Jaden Smith Roses music video YouTube screenshot
Jaden Smith Roses music video/ YouTube screenshot

Jaden Smith will be releasing new music soon. 

This comes after the 25-year-old told Billboard that he and his sister have been in the studio. 

“We’re always in the studio,” he told the publication.

The 'Roses' hitmaker, who collaborated with her sister on 'Summertime in Paris' and 'U Know', says there are more collaborations in the pipeline. 

“I got more songs with Willow than anyone else on the planet. Me and Willow, we’re locked in always, forever,” he said.

The musician added that people should "stay tuned". 

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He also spoke about his latest single, 'Roses'. 

He said the song was inspired by a tough time in his personal life. 

“I was sad, honestly,” he said.

The singer explained that it is easier to express himself through music. 

“I wanted to share that. Just to say something through music, I think it’s a lot easier than just straight up saying it,” he said. 

“It’s really only for the people who want to listen to it, it’s not for everybody. Kids out there sad and stuff, it’s for them.”

Below is the music video for 'Roses'. 

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Image courtesy of Roses music video/ YouTube screenshot 

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