James Blunt releases a music video for 'The Truth'

James Blunt releases a music video for 'The Truth'

Put your dancing shoes on, because it’s about to go down. The music video for ‘The Truth’ is finally out!

James Blunt
James Blunt/ YouTube screenshot

James Blunt has finally released the video for his song ‘The Truth’. 

The video was released on Wednesday 18 December and is currently sitting on more than 130 000 views. 

It tells a story of James walking alone on a long journey in the dark streets of London. In the song 'The Truth' James says that it's been a long, lonely road that he had to walk on his own and he had to "go through my worst so I know I just needed you". 

At the end of the journey, he manages to reach a place where he finds an open door and he walks in. This symbolises that he has found the one he was searching for. 

It is a beautiful video to watch. 

‘The Truth’ comes from James Blunt’s sixth studio album ‘Once upon a mind’. 

The album was released on 10 October. 

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