Jennifer Lopez accused of shading Ben Affleck amid divorce rumours

Jennifer Lopez accused of shading Ben Affleck amid divorce rumours

"He doesn't deserve to have her in his arms" - Jennifer Lopez's latest Instagram post is raising eyebrows.

Jennifer Lopez shares bathroom selfie
Jennifer Lopez / Instagram (@jlo)

Jennifer Lopez is all smiles despite persistent rumours that her marriage to Ben Affleck is on the verge of divorce. In fact, the 54-year-old has been accused of being a little shady about the drama. 

The singer has remained mum about the reported end of their relationship, but fans are convinced that her latest Instagram post hints that all is not well with her and Ben. 

Jennifer celebrated the three-year anniversary of her Spanish song, 'Cambia el Paso', by sharing a steamy clip from the track's music video.

J.Lo released the song in 2021, shortly after her breakup with ex-fiancé Alex Rodriguez.

'Cambia el Paso' has some interesting lyrics, given the 'Can't Get Enough' singer's current situation. 

"He doesn't deserve to have her in his arms," one lyric reads when translated to English, according to People. This part of the song was not included in the short clip she shared on Instagram.

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Even more interesting is that according to several reports, Jennifer and Ben did not spend the 4th of July weekend together. She was in New York, while Ben was in Los Angeles.

Jen shared several pictures of herself in the Hamptons on Instagram. She looked chic and stylish and had a big smile plastered on her face. 

"So happy to see you with the biggest smile! I love you immensely," one fan commented. 

Another fan wrote: "You are so loved. Remember that! You sparkle brighter than any fireworks! I ❤️ U So Much!" 

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Jennifer revealed the inspiration behind 'Cambia el Paso' in an interview with SiriusXM in 2021.

"The song is about change and not being afraid to take the step. Like, just take the step, advance, do what you need to do. If something’s not feeling right, whatever it is in your life, like, just make that move and dance. Because I started as a dancer, to me, dance is life and joy and happiness," she said. 

Is J.Lo preparing for another major change in her life? 

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