By Jou Voete Lê, is one of those songs that is sure to get the dance floor buzzing!

By Jou Voete Lê, is one of those songs that is sure to get the dance floor buzzing!

Fans who have been waiting for a new Ray Dylan dance hit for years can definitely look forward to the release of his latest single, BY JOU VOETE LÊ, which once again shows why he is considered the crown prince and guitar king of Afrikaans “sokkie” music.

Ray Dylan

This upbeat pop song, which he co-wrote with Piet Farrell during the lockdown, was inspired by a friend’s experience abroad and is about South Africans who work abroad and miss home.

“I felt that it was time to show my fans that after fourteen years I am still staying true to my original sound and style,” explains the forty-two-year-old star. “It is important to understand your fans and what their expectations are. I am sure that they will not be disappointed by my latest release. BY JOU VOETE LÊ is one of those songs that is going to be an instant hit on the dance floor.”

This exciting new song is complemented by an equally impressive music video, which was filmed in Parys and produced by Vonk’s Wian van der Walt. It tells the story of a couple who have been together for a long time and the man has flashbacks of the good times they have shared together.

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“We alternate between performance shots and flashbacks of the couple having fun together,” shares Wian. “I enjoyed filming the boat and motorcycle scenes the most, because it adds a fresh and dynamic element to the video.”

In addition to Ray, who appears in several performance shots, Samantha Maritz and Antonio Abreu also star as the couple in the flashback scenes of the video.

BY JOU VOETE LÊ follows in the successful footsteps of Ray Dylan’s previous hit, Torrabaai, which was released in 2020 and was very well received. According to him, he was so surprised by the public’s positive reaction that he immediately started working on the next one.

Ray Dylan has been passionate about music since he was a youngster and started playing the guitar at the age of three. He was only twelve years old when he started touring and performing with Bles Bridges and over the past thirty-three years has never doubted what he wanted to do with his life.

The SAMA acclaimed musician has released several gold and double platinum albums and singles over the years and is best-known for hits like Hokaai Stoppie Lorrie, Dis Verby, Jessica, Hier binne klop ’n Boerehart, Angel-face, You’re My Everything, Vir Ewig Jonk, Uitbasuin, Hier Teen Jou Lyf and more.

He currently lives in Vredefort and considers being part of major concerts like Skouspel and Krone and performing overseas as some of the highlights of his career so far.

When he is not on stage, Ray is busy working on a new Afrikaans album and he is also looking forward to collaborating with Juanita du Plessis in the near future.

BY JOU VOETE LÊ is just the beginning of big and exciting things to come and is definitely going to be a firm favourite on local dance floors and radio charts.

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