Landon Barker talks about new music and how dad Travis is supportive

Landon Barker talks about new music and how dad Travis is supportive

Landon Barker is grateful to have a father who is so supportive and authentic. 

Landon Barker
Landon Barker / YouTube screenshot

Landon Barker is one of the blessed musicians who is surrounded by people who have succeeded in the entertainment industry.

His father, Travis, who is a well-known drummer, is one of the people whom Landon can depend on when it comes to guiding him in the music industry. 

In an interview with Billboard, which was published on Tuesday, 21 September, Landon spoke about how his father led to him releasing his hit single, 'Friends With Your Ex'. 

The song has over two-million streams on Spotify since its release on September 22. 

Landon says his father challenged him on his songwriting. 

“I was in a session [with] somebody I work with often, and he was like ‘Dude, I think you keep on writing songs about the same thing. Why don’t we incorporate something that’s actually happening in your life?'” Landon told Billboard.

“I guess I would always shoot to a song about heartbreak, or a song about a girl, or a song about being sad, he was like, ‘Let’s dive in and let’s write something about your life right now,’ and that’s kinda how that came about,” Landon said while explaining how his father helped him come up with 'Friends With Your Ex'.

The 20-year-old added that he appreciates how his father is always authentic. 

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“If I was talking to somebody else and they didn’t like the song, they would let me down easy,” he said. “I feel like he doesn’t let me down easy. It’s good — I so appreciate it because I love authenticity, and I love the transparency, and he’s always transparent and supportive. It works very well.”

Landon also revealed that he has more music coming out soon. 

“Honestly it’s amazing, and especially all the stuff that I have saved up for everybody and the stuff in the vault … I’m glad I got this one out, but I’m excited to share so much,” he told the publication. 

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