Life is a road trip for Jethro Tait with his brand-new single 'Here With You'

Life is a road trip for Jethro Tait with his brand-new single 'Here With You'

Jethro Tait releases his brand-new single 'Here With You' and teases it as the first of many songs leading up to a full body of work. 

Jethro Tait

Jethro Tait has been excelling at his recent independent move to release his own music and following the incredible success of 'Will You Stay' at local radio and the Xmas single 'Another Lonely Christmas' (both released towards the end of 2021), Jethro has a clear idea of what he wants to deliver.

2022 continues that achievement and he explains what he has been working on, saying “'Here With You' is a lead-in to a bigger body of work that I am busy finishing off where I’ll be stepping into a slightly different sound. I’m trying my best not to rush it because they’re songs I really love and believe in.”

Fans will be delighted with the direction for Jethro as he explores a slightly different sound but keeps the authenticity of who he is as a songwriter. He delves into the inspiration for 'Here With You', saying, "This song is about a very personal journey I’ve gone through in my relationship that I don’t really want to go into much detail about. The intention of the song is more about the feeling I was trying to put across. The feeling of life being like a road trip where I keep asking, 'Are we there yet?' – wondering when I’ll reach that final destination. Feeling uneasy, excited, and nervous because I know I’m heading somewhere, I’m just not sure if I’ll know when I’m there. This song is about having the realization that maybe I’m already there! I was just too focused on asking when I’ll be there to notice we’d already arrived. Simply put, 'Here With You' is a love song about reaching a place of feeling more settled and centered in the life you’ve built with someone special.” 

Jethro wrote, recorded, produced, and mixed 'Here With You' in his own home studio. 

“I had just bought a new Fender Strat and I wrote this on it the first day I plugged it in. I loved the sound and feel of the chord progression, which is why I kept things super minimal. I didn’t want to take anything away from the emotion I felt when playing it.” 

Although the production may sound minimal, Jethro spent a lot of time getting the right takes and making sure everything had the right feel. “With songs like this there are no big production tricks to hide behind, so everything has to fit together perfectly,” explains Jethro.

In essence, this direction elevates and clearly shows every inch of talent Jethro has with his vocals, writing, production, and arranging skills. No big sounds to hide behind, just great music to get behind.

Listen to the song below: 

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