WATCH: Marichelle emphasizes the joy of a relationship in debut single

WATCH: Marichelle emphasizes the joy of a relationship in debut single

In her debut pop single, You and Me, Marichelle places the value of a special bond between two people under the spotlight.

Marichelle You and Me

“Whether it is your partner, your best friend or even your dog, everyone needs that one person that they share that special bond with,” Marichelle explained.

In this song, the listener is reminded that a special bond between two people is a partnership where the only goal is being together - from the beginning to the end.

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“In the end nothing is more important than having that special person with you and sharing all the adventures life keeps, and in my song I remind listeners of this feeling,” she added.

You and Me is written by musician and songwriter, Faraway George, who was also part of the reality talent show, Die Kontrak, in 2018 and described by Elvis Blue as “highly talented”.

“It is a heartwarming song that makes me think of my partner, Rogan and my little girl, Nicky-Ann and how far we have come as two people that are now blessed with this little girl,” Marichelle said.

“I hope the song excites listeners about what is yet to come in their relationships.”

According to Marichelle she wants her music to relate to people, lighten up their mood, and inspire them.

You and Me is Marichelle’s first single and she kicks her career off on a high note with a music video that will also be released for You and Me.

“The music video entails a performance base rather than an actual story. When people listen to the song, they automatically think of the typical love song. The music video features a horse as a friend and companion,” Marichelle explained.

According to her, this will give listeners a different view and understanding of the song itself and that the message is more than that of just a traditional love song.

“With the music video I want to highlight the special bond that can exist with anyone - from a close friend, lover to pet,” she added.

Watch the video below.

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