Naked baby on Nirvana album cover sues band

Naked baby on Nirvana album cover sues band

Would you be upset if one of your naked baby photos was featured on an album cover?

Spencer Elden
Spencer Elden with the Nevermind album cover: John Chapple/Splash News/Media Mode

The iconic album cover by the band Nirvana is once again making shock waves around the globe almost 30 years after it was released.

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The naked baby featured on the album cover is 30-year-old Spencer Elden. 

Elden sued Kurt Cobain’s estate and the surviving band members, accusing them of child exploitation.

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Elden asked for $150,000 in damages from each of the 15 defendants - including the surviving former members of the band, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic, as well as the estate of the late lead singer Kurt Cobain, and the photographer, Kirk Weddle.

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He claims the band agreed to cover his genitals with a sticker when the album was released, and that he has suffered lifelong damage because they failed to do so.

Spencer Elden was photographed in 1991 when he was four months old, naked in a swimming pool reaching for a dollar bill on a fish hook. The album went on to sell 30-million copies

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“Nirvana exploited me when I was a baby to sell their music, but there is a person behind every image,” Mr Elden told TMZ.

“I’m just asking the band to do what they should have done 30 years ago and redact my genitals from the image out of respect for my privacy,” Elden continued. 

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According to reports, neither Elden nor his legal guardians "ever signed a release authorising the use of any images of Spencer or of his likeness, and certainly not of commercial child pornography depicting him".

Elden's parents were, however, paid $200 for the original shoot.

Spencer Elden
Spencer Elden with the Nevermind alum cover: John Chapple/Splash News/Media Mode

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Image Credit: John Chapple/Splash News/Media Mode

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