#NewMusicFriday Justin Bieber is back with a new track

#NewMusicFriday Justin Bieber is back with a new track

Not only is Justin back but a band that is on their was to SA has a brand new single as well.

new music friday

The Bielbers are extactic at the fact that the artist is back with a brand new hit and this time he wants to be your friend. At least that's the gist of the Purpose pop star's dancey new BloodPop collab "Friends," which dropped this week.

Take a listen to this dance hit below.

They are on their way to South Africa and have just released a brand new track. Now if you think that the song might sound slightly familiar that is because it was originally by Green Day in 1994

“Angel” floats to its chart-topping arrival after its commercial and audio streaming release on Aug. 10, with the official music video premiere the following day. The clip, set in a nightmare where the ladies exact revenge on someone who hurt them, has blazed to 8.5 million worldwide views through Aug. 17. Wonder if the video was based on a person experience they just went through?

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