Post Malone has a brand new song out that will get you dancing

Post Malone has a brand new song out that will get you dancing

"Certified banger" - that's how the song has been described by some of Post Malone's fans. 

Post Malone
Post Malone

It's a Friday and Post Malone has the perfect song to lead you into the weekend. 

The superstar has released his brand new single, 'Chemical'. 

The up-beat song is sure to get you dancing. 

He has been teasing the song on his social media pages for the past couple of days and his fans couldn't be more happier that the singer has released yet another hit. 

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The song and the music video came out in the early hours of Friday. 

It is the first single the 27-year-old star has released this year. 

'Chemical' follows Post's 2022's 'Twelve Carat Toothache' album which featured hits, 'One Right Now' and 'Cooped Up'. 

"A big cheers to all my big special gamers out there. Please listen to my new song tonight at midnight I love you," he wrote on Instagram on Thursday. 

Some of his fans appreciated how the song proved Post Malone's versatility. 

"I love the direction Post Malone is going with his music and how he's truly expressing himself," wrote one user on YouTube. 

Another one added: "I love the change this song has compared to other songs. It’s so calming and it really brings out his beautiful voice. So so excited to see what else he will serve us soon!! Love ya Posty!!"

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Image courtesy of YouTube screenshot. 

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