VIDEO: Selena Gomez joins Coldplay on stage as a surprise act

VIDEO: Selena Gomez joins Coldplay on stage as a surprise act

Selena Gomez has thanked Coldplay for featuring her at their recent show in Los Angeles. 

Selena Gomez during Coldplay's show
Selena Gomez during Coldplay's show / YouTube screenshot

Selena Gomez and Coldplay make magic together. 

In 2021, the band and singer collaborated on 'Let Somebody Go' which became a hit. 

The music video of the song has over 65-million views on YouTube, however, the band and Selena had never performed the song together live... until recently. 

Selena became a surprise act at the band's Los Angeles show over the weekend.

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"This song you have chosen, we used to play it a bit, but when we recorded it, we recorded it with Selena Gomez, you know Selena Gomez. She was very gracious that she came to the studio and made the song so much better, but we never get to sing it with her so we haven't really played it, so please forgive me if it doesn't sound quiet as good as the record," said Chris Martin while on his piano. 

Selena then came on stage, surprising the audience. 

She joined the band as they sang: “All the storms we weathered, everything that we went through/ Now, without you, what on earth am I to do?/ When I called the mathematicians and I asked them to explain/ They said, ‘Love is only equal to the pain". 

The singer thanked the band for featuring her. “Thank you @coldplay @hermusicofficial for an amazing night,” Gomez wrote on  Instagram Story. 

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In other news....

Selena spoke about the time she deleted Instagram. 

In an interview published by Fast Company on Tuesday, 3 October, Selena said she deleted her Instagram account because of heartbreak. At the time, she had just split from Justin Bieber after a relationship that went on and off for eight years. 

“I had just gotten my heart broken. I didn’t need to see what everyone was doing,” she told the publication. 

Apart from the heartbreak, Selena says she was also dealing with self-esteem issues. 

“Then there were those moments of not feeling positive about how I looked because of what I’d see on Instagram. Wow, I wish my body looked like that."

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