A quiet start in Vuwani on Election Day

A quiet start in Vuwani on Election Day

The situation in the Limpopo town of Vuwani is quiet as the sun rises on Election Day 2016. 

Strong police presence in Vuwani ahead of elections_jacanews
Photo: Maryke Vermaak, JacarandaFM News

Police are still maintaining a heavy presence in the area which has been plagued by violent protests against their incorporation into the Malamulele municipality.

Earlier this year residents took to the streets against the demarcation of the area, citing poor service delivery from the Malamulele municipality.

Police have descended on the area, considered as one of the hotspots, since Monday and according to Jacaranda FM reporter, Maryke Vermaak some residents already indicated that they won't let the Independent Electoral Commission into the area.

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Officials have also deployed vehicles to remove any rubble from the roads in and around the area.

"Residents barricaded roads in Vuwani overnight," Vermaak reported.

She also added that the municipal vehicles are being escorted by the police to ensure their safety. 

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