South Africans reach out to Dr Malinga after he cried for help on Podcast and Chill with MacG

Twitter users reach out to Dr Malinga after he cried for help on 'Podcast and Chill with MacG'

Dr Malinga broke down as he opened up about how SARS repossessed and auctioned his furniture in his presence...

Dr Malinga
Dr Malinga / YouTube screenshot

Dr Malinga has become the latest celebrity to open up about his financial woes. 

In an interview with 'Podcast and Chill with MacG', Dr Malinga said he suffered greatly as a result of having no gigs due to the pandemic.

"In music you depend on being called for your service," he said, adding that he tried to reach out for help. 

"After two years, SARS came. I called Minister Nathi Mthethwa, we talked. I was calling people that I worked with, but they didn't come for my rescue," he said.

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He revealed that he owes SARS R500,000 and his stuff got auctioned off. 

"They took everything. When you enter into my house, if you don't have a heart, you will laugh. My house is empty," he said. 

He also spoke about watching his car being auctioned and how he wished those he had helped would come to his aid. 

"Aution is painful, I was there, I went there and then I wanted to say 'please is not like I don't want to pay, I don't have money. I am not being called at gigs and I can't force people to book me," he said. 

Breaking down into tears, he added: "I'm used to giving, I'm not used to receiving. Every time I give, people they don't come back for me."

Following the interview, #DrMalinga trended on Twitter, with many social media users offering financial support to the musician and television personality. 

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