Ard Matthews working on solo album

Ard Matthews working on solo album

Just Jinger's Ard Matthews is currently finalising his solo album and he said that this one is going to be different. 

Just Jinger

Matthews told Jacaranda FM News that his latest solo project incorporates house music with his signature rock sound and that it was a whole new genre for him.

"I actually love house music and draw inspiration from various genres," Matthews said.

He also added that his solo projects give him creative freedom to express himself.

"Look, Just Jinger will always be there but I love expressing myself differently through my solo projects and people are going to be surprised by my latest offering," he said.

Just Jinger recently recorded their first live DVD in the Lyric theater at Gold Reef City along with an 8 piece orchestra.

"I mean this is not the first time that a rock group plays with an orchestra, but it's a first for us," Matthews said.

Just Jinjer is one of the biggest rock band exports in South African history, having sold more that a quarter of a million albums to date. 

Their power and alluring appeal is fueled by a well-honed and heartfelt musicality, a commitment to communication on a genuine emotional and cerebral level — music that touches the heart, body, mind and soul — and a dedication to their musical mission that is virtually unstoppable.

The band is made up of Ard Matthews on vocals and guitar, Denholm Harding on Bass Guitar, and Brent Harris on Drums, this trio having been part of the solid foundation of the band since it’s inception.

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