'Blood & Water' actors Arno Greeff and Dillon Windvogel chat Youth Day, Instagram DMs and perks of beging on a Netflix series

'Blood & Water' actors Arno Greeff and Dillon Windvogel chat Youth Day, Instagram DMs and more

We had some fun with the actors from Netflix's latest African original, 'Blood & Water' - watch the interview below!

It's been a few weeks since Blood and Water released on Netflix and it has since climbed to Netflix’s Top 10 chart across many countries, including holding the number one spot in the USA., the UK., South Africa, and France. 

This proudly South African teen mystery is Netflix's latest big streaming hit - and we totally understand why.

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The show, created by director Nosipho Dumisa and her team at Gambit Films, is Netflix's second original African content drama and it is set in the picturesque Cape Town. 'Blood & Water' follows the adventures of Puleng Khumalo, a 16-year-old who takes it upon herself to solve the mystery around the disappearance of her parents' other daughter.

Since its premiere in the last week of May 2020, the show has been praised for its strong storyline, great production value, and its actors. The series includes a variety of talented fresh young cast, including two newcomers, Ama Qamata and Khosi Ngema as the female leads.

Renaldo Schwarp, host of Weekends on Jacaranda FM, recently caught up with two of the young actors, Dillon Windvogel and Arno Greef, to chat about the runaway success of the show and the perks that come with it.

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According to Greeff, the team knew it was a good show but they didn't expect it to reach the top spot in more than ten countries. "I thought that we would go number one in South Africa, but then it went number 1 in France, Germany and Brazil. It was massive there. It's cray and it still feels so surreal."

"When you see 'Netflix' on the audition email, you are definitely going to be excited to be part of it, but when you are on set you don't feel the pressure of it being a Netflix show. So I didn't expect this response. It's unbelievable," Windvogel added.

Message to the youth of South Africa 

The show has been lauded a massive success and critics have praised the writing team for creating a series that showcases diverse and multi-dimensional young people who use their voice to affect change. A theme that is quite fitting for many young South Africans as we celebrate Youth Day on 16 June.

What messages do Greeff and Windvogel have for the youth of South Africa?

"Persevere, change is coming and luckily everyone I starting to get on the right side and starting to fight for the right thing. So the future is looking bright - don't stop the fight. We'll make it through this," Greeff said.

Windvogel shared some advice that he received when he was younger: "Pursue your dreams, don't let your circumstances or what's currently happening in South Africa stop you from pursuing that dream or goals. Pursue it and don't stop."

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