Coldplay and Billie Eilish petition for action on poverty and climate change

Coldplay and Billie Eilish petition for action on poverty and climate change

The A-listers are using their voices to address the injustice that continues to exist in the world that has left so many people in poverty.

Billie Eilish Instagram photo
Billie Eilish Instagram photo

Coldplay and Billie Eilish are amongst those calling for an end to poverty and calling for leaders to address climate change. 

In an open letter posted by Global Citizen, the stars asked for world leaders to break barriers that have left millions of people around the globe poverty stricken. 

The open letter addressed to global leaders, businesses, and citizens everywhere is asking for an "uplift young women and adolescent girls across the world". 

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It is also pleading for the breaking of "systemic barriers that keep people in poverty, and take take climate action now."

The letter was launched by Global Citizen at their inaugural Thought Leadership Summit, which took place over the weekend. 

The event took place in New York. 

The A-listers are calling on leaders to "step up by fully committing the funding necessary to tackle the challenges we face.

“We need to improve opportunities for girls around the world, address the systemic barriers that keep people in poverty, and halt the climate crisis. 

"But we can only succeed at addressing these issues by eliminating the barriers that have prevented us to end extreme poverty and committing to financing levels that will allow for real sustainable progress and not just a temporary fix," reads the letter. 

Global Citizen has shared the letter on its Instagram page.

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