Jay was never 'intimate' with other woman

Jay was never 'intimate' with other woman

The couple's lawyer has confirmed that the singer's interaction with the other woman was restricted to cellular communication.

Jay du Plessis affair
Jay du Plessis with his wife, Mia / Instagram.

Afrikaans singer, Jay opened up in an honest post he shared on his Facebook page on Friday afternoon, stating that he regrets sending a picture of himself in underwear to a woman who is not his wife.

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"So this year I made a mistake and sent a photo of myself in underwear to another woman. I regret this, I am sharing this so no one has to gossip about it," Jay told his 143 000 followers on Facebook.

The confession came as a shock to many as Jay has been married to wife, Mia du Plessis for nine years and the couple has four children together. 

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The couple's lawyer, Kobus van Niekerk told Sunday newspaper, Rapport that the couple is working to overcome this. "Every marriage goes through ups and downs, Jay and Mia really love each other - that is why they decided to work together," said van Niekerk to the paper's Suzanne Venter.

The identity of the 'other woman' is still unknown, but Rapport reports that the woman works for a charity that Jay performed for before. "She contacted him and also sent him pictures of her in a swimming costume," van Niekerk explained. This is when the singer decided to reply with a picture of himself in his underwear.

The couple's lawyer further confirmed to the newspaper that Jay was never intimate with the woman, "they never had an affair. The two strictly had contact via phone." 

The singer has since cut off any contact with the woman.


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