Makhadzi trends following comments about Bafana Bafana match

Makhadzi trends following comments about Bafana Bafana match

Social media users are defending Makhadzi after trolls made fun of her spelling on Facebook. 

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Makhadzi found herself trending on X on Thursday morning. 

This is after the singer took to Facebook to talk about the Bafana Bafana match. 

She wrote: "But they plaid shem. They foght," referring to the match that took place on Wednesday night between Bafana Bafana and Nigeria. 

Her spelling led to many social media users making fun of her English.  

Her comment received over 30,000 comments on Facebook and more than 34,000 shares. It also led her to trending as #1 on X. 

Many users defended Makhadzi, saying English is not her mother tongue. 

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Below are some of the comments: 

English is not our mother language baba...we write what people can there is no need for unnecessary irritation.....or are you Nigerian. 

If you are still laughing at this lady nge English yakhe, I feel for you . Open your eyes, she's doing it on purpose.

I always say white people can't even try speaking our languages but we out here laughing our own when they break English.

I hate an African that laughs at another African for misspelling english , yet White people misspelling our African languages and we normalize it . Today our maps nd road boards are written Tembisa instead of Thembisa , Umtata instead of Umthatha because white people misspelled them we see no problem but we critisize our own for misspelling this colonial language. 

A wise man once said the most intelligent person in the universe is a black child coz he/she is expected to know other people’s languages.He/she must be fluent when speaking it and also must know how to write it.

#English_is_not_our_mother’s👅 so stop laughing your fellow black children when they didn’t speak it or write it correct. 

This is not the first time Makhadzi has had to deal with social media bullying. 

In 2021, she was a victim of body shaming. 

"I humble my self politely to ask everyone to stop humiliaing me," she wrote on social media after people shared images of her teasing her thighs.

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In 2023, she dealt with social media trolls teasing her nose. 

She responded on Instagram. See her comments below:

Makhadzi's music has led to her performing all over the world. 

Last year, she celebrated being on a Times Square billboard. 

"Finally my dream came true," she wrote on X.

She went on to thank her fans for the immense support she has been receiving.

"Your support is magic. My life is a movie. From Performing in a streets to NEWYORK CITY TIMES SQUARE BILLBOARDS. Congratulations to my self," she wrote on X.

In 2022, she performed at a sold-out show in the United Kingdom. 

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