Vusi Nova remembers Zahara

Vusi Nova remembers Zahara

Vusi Nova continues to remember his dear friend, Zahara, who passed away on December 11. 

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Vusi Nova is having a difficult time accepting the death of his beloved friend, Bulelwa Mkutukana, popularly known as Zahara. 

The singer shared a video of himself and Zahara on Instagram. In the video, Zahara was playing the guitar while they sang together.

"It’s gonna take me a while to get over this one if ever," he captioned the video which he shared on Wednesday. 

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Vusi also shared a video of Zahara singing around his house. 

"This one walking around my house always making a noise thinking she’s in a musical, oh and bullying me. Also, she forced Desmond to follow her around the house. Checkout out and listen [to] the end," he captioned the post. 

In another video Vusi shared, the pair could be seen dancing. 

He revealed that the 'Loliwe' hitmaker used to like wearing his clothes. 

"As usual wearing my clothes including the beanie that she never brings back. Ebeqinile ke uNoyno kodwa ebengaziyekeleli. How I wish for 1 more dance," he wrote. 

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Vusi gave an emotional tribute at Zahara's funeral. He spoke about their friendship. 

“For me, right now, she was the one person who understood me. I understood her. Bulelwa took, literally, my secrets to the grave,” he said. 

“She took all my secrets to the grave,” Nova said during his speech at the funeral.

 “I want to promise her I will take her secrets to the grave. Bulelwa was special, she was extraordinary,” Vusi said while wiping away tears.

He also sang at the funeral. 

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