Watch as Adele leaves Mel B speechless

Watch as Adele leaves Mel B speechless

Adele left Mel B speechless after singing 'Spice Up Your Life' at a recent concert. 

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The 28-year-old singer is a huge fan of the girl group - comprised of Mel B, Mel C, Emma Bunton, Victoria Beckham and Geri Horner - and after she sang 'Spice Up Your Life' onstage during her world tour, Mel admitted she was overwhelmed.

She said: "I'm very kind of flattered. I think all of us are. It's great. It leaves me speechless a little bit.

"I love Adele. I love the fact that she kind of tips her hat off to us and gives us props. I mean who isn't a fan of Adele? So, to know that she's a fan of the Spice Girls is definitely one for the books."

Adele previously praised the Spice Girls for their Girl Power mantra, which she said inspired her to succeed. 

She said: "It was a huge moment in my life when they came out. 

"It was Girl Power and there were these five ordinary girls who just, like, did so well and just like, got out. So I was like, 'I want to get out. I don't know what I want to get out of, but I want to get out' and it was a really important period of my life." 

Meanwhile, Mel, 41, revealed the girl group are still trying to put together a celebration for their 20th anniversary and have been in discussions about what to do.

She told PEOPLE: "I can't really say what is happening because we haven't like pinpointed that down, but we're definitely in talks and moving forward in making something happen to celebrate. Soon as that's completely set in stone and we have something to actually announce then it's kind of left with a little bit of a waiting period for now. We're definitely in talks and we definitely want to make something happen, to be able to celebrate with our fans that have been with us for many years and celebrate the whole girl power generation." 

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