WATCH: Rare R18-million Ferrari 'admired' by police

WATCH: Rare R18-million Ferrari 'admired' by police

A Ferrari 599 GTO is making headlines after being pulled over by police. Take a look at this beautiful beast...

Rare Ferrari 599 GTO
Instagram/ RTM Supercars South Africa

A Ferrari 599 GTO is trending after the police pulled it over to admire the beautiful and powerful car. 

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The video has undoubtedly received thousands of comments and responses since it dropped on the internet.

The well-known car spotter, RTM Supercars South Africa, shared the now-viral video on Instagram.

RTM Supercars South Africa posted, "599 GTO x POLICE. You know you've made it in life once you get pulled over different times fair for the officers to appreciate the car you're in."

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"Costing in excess of R10 million, this is certainly not cheap at all. Would you buy one or get a Pista or something else entirely," RTM Supercars South Africa added.

According to The South African, five Ferrari 599 GTOs have been listed for sale this year on

R15-million was the lowest price tag a few weeks ago.

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"However, the other two are still available for purchase. One of the listed cars has no price tag, while the other has a price tag of $999 900, which amounts to R18.8 million," The South African stated. 

Take a look at the car below: 

Why is it so rare?

The 599 GTO is rare because there are only 599 units on the market with 125 units in the United States. 

The Ferrari GTO is also one of the fastest cars from the 599 line.

The Ferrari 599 GTO is one of the fastest Ferraris and one second faster than the Ferrari Enzo. 

Ferrari claims it can accelerate from 0-100km/h in less than 3.3 seconds. It boasts a top speed of 335km/h. 

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