Adam Catzavelos apologises for "unspeakable pain" caused

Adam Catzavelos sorry for 'unspeakable pain'

Catzavelos issued a statement on Thursday evening in which he apologised for insulting South Africans. 

K word guy Catzavelos

This follows the racist video in which he expresses his joy at not seeing a single black person while on an island holiday, using the k-word to describe black people.

"I don't expect people to forgive me, but will spend the rest of my life repenting and trying to make up for my total lack of respect and judgement," the statement reads.

Jacaranda FM News has confirmed the authenticity of the statement.

Law enforcement agencies, including the South African Police Service (SAPS), are investigating multiple complaints lodged against Catzavelos.

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The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and Democratic Alliance (DA) have laid separate criminal charges, while a complaint has also been lodged at the South African Human Rights Commission.

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Several businesses have also announced their decision to terminate their relationship with St George's Fine Foods, a company in which Catzavelos holds a share.

"To my family, my mom, dad, wife, brother and sisters and my children who mean the world to me, I am so, so sorry," concludes his statement.

PLEASE NOTE: This video contains strong language and a derogatory term. Sensitive viewers may find this upsetting.  

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