Africa Investment Forum ‘no talk shop’

Africa Investment Forum ‘no talk shop’

The organisers of the upcoming Africa Investment Forum is adamant that it will not only be a talk shop.

African Investment forum
Africa Investment Forum

This is according to the Director of Communications at African Development Bank, Dr Victor Oladokun.


The Investment Forum, which follows hot on the heels of the South Africa Investment Conference, is dedicated to advancing projects, raising capital and accelerating the financial closure of deals.

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“For decades on the continent we’ve had investment forums that have been long and short, and short on action.


“It’s not a talk shop, it’s not a talk shop at all. It’s about doing deals,” said Oladokun.


The Investment Forum comes at a time where the country’s economic growth has been battling to grow, with growth being revised down to 0.5%.


It also comes at a time where unemployment has recently increased to 29.1%.

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