AIDS 2016: 84% drop in new infections among children - UNAIDS

AIDS 2016: 84% drop in new infections among children - UNAIDS

UNAIDS says continued investment and innovation in research is required to deliver a cure for HIV/AIDS.

International Aids Conference
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Executive Director Michel Sidibe has been reflecting on the progress made since the International Aids Conference in Durban sixteen years ago.

Sidibe says in the year 2000, 1 million people were on treatment while today 17 million are on treatment globally.

He says nearly 500 000 babies were born with HIV while today less than 150 000 babies are born with the virus.

Speaking at the 21st International AIDS Conference in Durban yesterday, Sidibe says South Africa has the biggest treatment programme in the world with 3.4 million people receiving treatment and new infections among children having dropped by 84%.

"The question now is where we will be in sixteen years' time. AIDS 2016 must mark the commitment to finish what we started and fast track the end of aids.

"While much is on track, something's have gone way off track and we have lost time and lost lives. If we do not act now, we risk resurgence and resistance" he said.

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