Analysts weigh in on Makhosi Khoza saga

Analysts weigh in on Makhosi Khoza saga

"It's a political desert out there."

Makhosi Khoza
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That's according to political analyst from the North West University School of Business and Governance, Theo Venter.

His comments follow the ANC's scathing attack on former ANC MP Makhosi Khoza.

The outspoken Khoza announced her resignation from the ruling party on Thursday. 

The ANC has since branded her as a coward.

Venter says Khoza has done a "very brave thing" by calling it quits.

"It's the correct decision, I am just not sure that the timing is right. It's the honourable thing to do. She's leading the way and showing several other people that the chances of an internal change with the current leadership is a very slim chance."

Venter says it's cold outside the ANC.

"It's a political desert out there once you've been in the ANC. It's hard out there once you've been inside," he explains. "You can ask people like Bantu Holomisa, Terror Lekota and Mamphela Ramphele."

He says the ANC's retort could have been expected.

"Zizi Kodwa's response was very cynical. It is typically what you would expect in response to someone who is a rising star. Makhosi Khoza is a reference point in our political system and the only way to counter her impact is to break down the profile she has built up."

Political analyst Ralph Mathekga says Khoza's resignation is an indictment on the ANC.

"It says there is no space in the ANC for those who are willing to speak out when they see things are going wrong. The fact that she got isolated means there was no willingness to defend her openly within the ANC. This raises serious questions about where the ANC is going."

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