Arrested SA student accused Chinese govt of lies, distortions

Arrested SA student accused Chinese govt of lies, distortions

A South African who graduated at the Zhejiang University in Hangzhou in China, who was arrested in that country in January, has accused the Chinese government of lying to him and his parents.

Alfa Mphetsheni in the center surrounded by friends and family//Facebook

Alfa Mphentsheni was charged with assaulting a police officer during an incident at the start of the year.


That was the last time his friends and family heard from him, until their reunion in March, when he arrived in South Africa following his release from the Shanghai dentition centre.


Mphentsheni claims not to remember his arrest, due to the fact that he was drunk at the time, and only remembers waking up in the holding cells and being transferred to the centre.

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Mphetsheni's parents were frantic, searching for him and asking for assistance from the South African government.


His mother, Nokuthula, feared the worst as the Chinese government had locked down the capital city Wuhan and stopped all travel local and international due to the Covid-19 outbreak.


Mphetsheni spoke to Jacaranda FM News, saying despite him not having any recollection of what happened on the day of his arrest, he believes the information they were given was distorted and exaggerated.


Listen to the full interview here.


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