Billy Downer accused of leaking Zuma’s medical records

Billy Downer accused of leaking Zuma’s medical records

Advocate Billy Downer has been accused of leaking former President Jacob Zuma’s medical records.

former president, Jacob Zuma's corruption case in court

This is according to the Jacob Zuma Foundation spokesperson Mzwanele Manyi.

Manyi says the allegations have been filed in an affidavit by Zuma’s lawyers.

“To oppose what the lawyers of President Zuma have put on the table. They have put there an allegation, a very strong allegation that Billy Downer has been leaking medical records. And the details of all of those leakages and timings are all contained in the affidavit that has been filed. So we call upon media to go and check the record in the court of the application made by the legal team of President Zuma.”

Manyi adds that President Cyril Ramaphosa has been notified of the alleged leaks.

“This complaint has been raised with President Ramaphosa. And he wasted no time in appreciating the seriousness of the matter and he has already launched his own investigation into Billy Downer. As things stand he has instructed Minister Lamola to deal with the matter and part of what Mr Lamola has been requested to do or instructed to do is that he must raise the matter with the legal counsel.”

In June, the former president made an application to the High Court for Downer to recuse himself as prosecutor in the corruption trial.

Zuma’s reasons were that Downer acted in a legally and politically compromising manner.


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