Breakfast Edition: 18 February 2016

Breakfast Edition: 18 February 2016

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LILY MINE RESCUE OPERATIONS REMAIN SUSPENDED: It will take about two weeks before rescue operations can continue at the Lily Mine outside Baberton in Mpumalanga. This statement was made by mine management, the Minister of Mineral Resources Mosenebzi Zwane and Amcu President, Joseph Mathunjwa last night. The delegation briefed the media infront of the collapsed mine's gates late last night, explaining that the safety of the operation had to be ensured before they could go ahead. CEO Mike McCheasney said they were bringing in machinery similar to that used in the Chilean mine collapse a few years ago, to drill a 600mm wide hole, 80m deep.

AMCU AGREES WITH LILY MINE MANAGEMENT: AMCU President Joseph Mathunjwa on Wednesday night threw his weight behind a decision to delay the rescue of three trapped miners at the Lily Mine in Barberton, Mpumalanga. Mathunjwa says the delay is a result of safety concerns for rescue workers. Mathunjwa said health and safety regulations do not allow for rescuers to go underground without a second escape outlet. A second escape route will now be drilled at the Vantage Goldfields' mine, but it could take up to two weeks.

MINING MINISTER MEETS WITH FAMILIES OF LILY MINE WORKERS: The families of three miners, trapped underground at the Lily mine in Mpumalanga for almost two weeks, have been fully briefed about a possible two week delay in the rescue mission, Mineral Resources Minister Mosebenzi Zwane said on Wednesday. "We have talked to the families. We are from the families. We gave them the truth because as leaders, we need to lead during this time and also look at the issue of safety of those people going underground to get the container out," Zwane said as he addressed reporters at around 10pm at the mine in Barberton. "We have indicated to them that it is not our wish that this (rescue) operation is going to stop for the next two to three weeks but we have to abide by the law so that everybody that goes down is safe."

ETOLLS INCREASE ON THE CARDS: There has been an outcry on social media, after statement by the Department of Transport, indicating its annual increase of the etoll rates. With inflation above 6% and food prices sure to increase further amid the drought the increase was causing a stir. The Automobile Associations' Layton Beard said the Transport Department's proposed e-toll increase is going to be tough on motorists. The Department of Transport says the tariff increases are adjusted annually in line with the Consumer Price Index.

Etoll increases

FORMER DJ TO BE SENTENCED: The sentencing of convicted murderer Donald Sebolai will continue in the High Court sitting in Palm Ridge on Thursday. In October last year, Sebolai was convicted of murdering his girlfriend Dolly Tshabalala in his Soweto flat in June 2014. Testifying in mitigation of sentence on Wednesday, his mother Elizabeth Sebolai-Selekane said she was still in shock. She said since her son was born, it was the first time in his life that he was arrested. Silindelo Masikane reports.

Donald Sebolai


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POPE LOSES HIS COOL, A BIT:  Pope Francis wrapped up a five-day visit to Mexico with a message of love and compassion for the people of Mexico and the migrants who pass through it on their way to the United States. For their political and religious leaders, the trip was more a lesson in tough love. The pontiff used his time here to criticize Mexico's ruling class for failing to protect people from predatory criminal gangs and rampant corruption, and he lectured bishops to get closer to their flock and ease their suffering. He also visited some of the country's poorest and most violent areas to shine a spotlight on residents' harsh reality.



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