Breakfast Edition: 27 November 2015

Breakfast Edition: 27 November 2015

WATCH & LISTEN: Here's a recap of this morning's top news stories.

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COSATU CONCLUDES IT'S CONGRESS: Former Cosatu secretary general, Zvelinzima Vavi could not be bothered by Cosatu's official ratification of his suspension and that of NUMSA saying the union-federation had voted for its own funeral.  This vote happened yesterday, before the newly re-elected Cosatu president, S'dumo Dlamini ended the 12th national congress, satisfied that unity is on the mend. Re-elected Cosatu president Sdumo Dlamini on Thursday denied that the trade union federation had investments in labour brokering companies. As Maryke Vermaak reports, he also admitted that they'd been through some difficult times. 

VAVI REACTS TO COSATU CONGRESS: However, Vavi responded by saying Cosatu had lost its legitimacy and that he is relieved to NOT be part of the ANC-alliance partner anymore. 

RHINO HORN TRADE NOW LEGAL: The ruling by the High Court in Pretoria, yesterday which effectively lifted the moratorium on the trade in rhino horn, has been met with criticism from wildlife organisations. The Department of Environmental Affairs has already indicated it would appeal this decision. Activists for Animals Africa's say it undermines the global efforts to stop the trade in endangered species.


TODAY IS T-DAY: Tax submission cut-off day for personal income taxpayers with penalties that will kick in from next week. Provisional taxpayers using e-Filing can make payments until 31 January 2016, according to the SA Revenue Services' Sandile Memela.  


DONALD TRUMP DENIES MOCKING DISABLED REPORTER: Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump denied Thursday even knowing a disabled New York Times reporter whose jerking arm movements the bombastic billionaire seemed to make fun of in a campaign speech. The latest furor surrounding Trump -- who often vents about political correctness -- raises new questions about what critics say appears to be his inclination to mock people's physical traits, and make up stories to serve his purposes. The real-estate tycoon, who earlier this week invited scrutiny after saying that Arab Americans had celebrated the 9/11 terror strikes, courted fresh controversy in a speech in South Carolina in which he defended his claims.

I'M GONNA MURDER THAT SPIDER: Piercing screaming and shouts of "I'm going to kill you" prompted Australian police to rush to a Sydney home at 2am, only to find an embarrassed man and a large spider. New South Wales's police said officers raced to the apartment in the harbour side suburb of Wollstonecraft last Saturday after reports of a violent domestic dispute between a man and a woman. Neighbours reported a woman screaming hysterically, a man yelling "I'm going to kill you, you're dead! Die, Die" and sounds of furniture being tossed around. 

Just because it's Friday, here's a funny video about a dad who tries to catch a giant spider. 



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