Change in EFF leadership essential for growth - analyst

Change in EFF leadership essential for growth - analyst

The Economic Freedom Fighters’ (EFF) fifth anniversary is a huge milestone, not only for the party but for South African politics as a whole, says political analyst Levy Ndou.

Julius Malema

EFF is set to hold its birthday celebrations at the Sisa Dukashe Stadium in Mdantsane, Eastern Cape on Saturday.


Ndou says the party has made a significant impact in a short space of time. 


"Indeed, EFF has come at the right time for South African politics.


"And one can identify a lot of positives the EFF has brought to the South African political space," says Ndou.


Ndou says most of the party’s support comes from young people.


"The EFF has sufficient potential always to remind the ruling party, the ANC, about its policies. And the challenges the ANC has of implementing its policies." 


He says the EFF biggest drawcard is its commitment to radical policies to change the dire economic most South Africans find themselves in.


"Not all people will love the EFF or love how they approach issues... and that is what identifies EFF from all other political parties."  


However, Ndou warns that for the EFF to grow it will have to avoid an entrenched leadership, similar to most other smaller opposition parties.  


"The is a trend in the South African opposition parties that they will always of one or small groups of people who lead that party and don't give space to people."


He adds one of the most significant tests for the EFF is whether the party will be able to walk the talk when it comes to democracy.


"Change in leadership is crucial as an expression of embracing democratic principles." 


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