‘DA obsessed with doing basics well’ – Steenhuisen as party launches manifesto

‘DA obsessed with doing basics well’ – Steenhuisen as party launches manifesto

The Democratic Alliance (DA) leader John Steenhuisen has told the launch of his party’s election manifesto that the opposition is obsessed with doing the basics well.

John Steenhuisen manifesto

Steenhuisen launched the party’s manifesto on Saturday, ahead of the local government elections on 1 November.

He told supporters the DA manifesto is not a document of promises but a record of action.

“The DA governs less than 10% of South Africa’s municipalities, but the top 5 performing municipalities are all DA-run,” said Steenhuisen.

He said DA believes no South African should struggle to access basic services.

“For starters, our party is obsessed with doing the basics well – streamlining and correcting our systems until they are efficient and entirely focused on solving the problem, whether this problem is collecting refuse, filling potholes, managing housing lists or keeping people safe.

“We also believe in employing only fit-for-purpose individuals to government, and then demanding accountability from them. Because this is the only way to build a capable state.”

He added: “We have zero-tolerance for corruption, and we have an obsession to reduce any unauthorised or irregular expenditure as low as we possibly can.

“In other words, to spend every cent of public money in the most efficient manner and where it makes the most impact.”

Steenhuisen says the party’s other main priority is ensuring safety and security for all South Africans.

“DA governments have been working extremely hard to protect residents from the scourge of crime, and particularly gangs and drugs. We want all South Africans to feel safe and free in their own neighbourhoods or out on their farms, and we will help protect them and take their streets back from the criminals.”


LGE 2021 Manifesto by Anastasi Mokgobu on Scribd

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