Eskom’s proposed tariff increase will cripple city - Tshwane

Eskom’s proposed tariff increase will cripple city - Tshwane

The City of Tshwane says it will oppose the massive tariff hike requested by Eskom. 


The power utility wants an 32% increase in electricity prices from April 2023

Tshwane Mayor Randall Williams said the city’s residents cannot afford the pay the increase.

“The proposed tariff increase of 32.2% is crippling and will have a detrimental effect on Tshwane residents and the financial sustainability of the city, which is already in a precarious state.

“There is no doubt that an increment of this scale will have a dramatic and negative effect on residents and businesses who are already facing difficulties with the current economic climate.”

Williams says Eskom should be limited to single digit increases.

“While we acknowledge that Eskom is having financial difficulties and is working towards turning around its business model, it cannot shift this responsibility to consumers.”

Few weeks ago, Eskom threatened to turn the city’s lights off due to the R1 billion debt dating back to July.

Tshwane said the government should open up more space for independent power producers.

“The reality, however, is that even now during a time of rolling blackouts, municipalities are still required to jump through unnecessary red tape in order to procure alternative energy solutions.

“It is now critical that the national government opens up the energy space and creates an enabling environment for independent power producers so that we have a competitive energy market in the country.”


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