Five lions on the loose in Nkomzi

Five lions on the loose in Nkomzi

Police have confirmed that five lions escaped from the Kruger National Park, and are now roaming the Manga area in Mpumalanga.

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The police's Leonard Hlathi said the animals were first spotted just off the N4 in the Nkomazi area yesterday.


"I have just spoken to our members who are on the scene and they confirmed that the lions are still on the loose," Hlathi told Jacaranda FM News.

The animals were spotted by passing motorists and Hlathi has warned people in the area to be cautious.


"Please don't answer a call of nature when you are in that area because it is dangerous." 


The lions will not be put down unless they pose a serious danger to members of the public.


"Park officials have joined the search and we are sure that the animals will be captured and returned to the Kruger National Park today," Hlahti said.


He said the Kruger National Park has roped in some of their most experienced game rangers to help capture the animals.


"We really hope that no-one's vehicle breaks down in that area."

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