Gauteng will set example by sending corrupt officials to jail, vows Makhura

Gauteng will set example by sending corrupt officials to jail, vows Makhura

The Gauteng provincial government is committed to fast-tracking the province’s recovery following the second wave of Covid-19 infections.

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Premier David Makhura delivered his State of the Province Address in the provincial legislature on Tuesday.


Makhura said his government’s focus over the next 12 months would be the battle against Covid-19, economic growth, improving education and health care, fighting crime, and improving governance.


He vowed that billions would be invested by government and the private sector partners to grow an economy badly hit by the pandemic.


Makhura admitted that the personal protective equipment corruption saga revealed weaknesses that need to be fixed.


"The corruption allegations and actual irregularities that took place in procurement processes undermine all the other things that the province has done in improving the healthcare system, improving the function of the local and provincial government in responding to disasters, and improving our capacity to use science in responding to real problems," he said.

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"We need to go back to the drawing board and address all the weaknesses that have been identified, that led to a situation where a deadly pandemic was seen as an opportunity to loot public resources. We will set an example that all those involved in corruption will face the consequences of their evil acts. Where money was lost, it will be recovered and people must face a jail term.”


Progress has also been made with the lifestyle audits of senior government officials.


Makhura said 65% of senior managers and 70% of supply chain management officials have been vetted by the State Security Agency (SSA) and the rest will be vetted before the end of the year.


MECs have also submitted their details for the lifestyle audits to the SSA.


Makhura said the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) is still investigating corruption allegations in other areas of government procurement.

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