Gender Equality Commission reacts to Spur video and taxi rape claims

Gender Equality Commission reacts to Spur video and taxi rape claims

The Commission for Gender (CGE) says the recent incident that took place at a family restaurant in Johannesburg shows "patriarchal tendencies manifesting itself in the public domain."

Commission for Gender Equality

"This goes to show how some men still view women in our society 22 years after the advent of democracy," the Commission says in a statement.

The video was widely shared on social media with various civil right groups as well as ordinary South Africans condemning the incident.

"We strongly condemn such behaviour as it goes against all it stands for, building a society free of gender oppression and inequality," the CGE says.

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The Commission also reacted to reports of two taxis who allegedly target female passengers and rape them. 

"In the latest ordeal a mother was raped for 4 hours and her ten-year-old boy forced to watch such a gruesome act. Through our media monitoring system we also learned the same modus operandi was used in Soweto, Roodepoort and Braamfontein," the Commission says.

The CGE is calling on law enforcement authorities to act swiftly in bringing an end to the crimes.

"The levels of Gender Based Violence is unprecedented in this country as it is and we believe that if this is not clamped down as speedily as possible it will give a wrong perception that gender based violence is not prioritised," the Commission says.

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