Gerrie Nel: AfriForum is giving me 'carte blanche'

Gerrie Nel: AfriForum is giving me 'carte blanche'

Former state prosecutor, Gerrie Nel says AfriForum has given him "carte blanche" with no restrictions on his team or any aspect of establishing a private prosecution office. 

Gerrie Nel

Nel announced his resignation from the office of the National Director of Public Prosecution yesterday, and spoke to Jacaranda FM's Complimentary Breakfast this morning.


He admits there will be lots of challenges in doing private prosecutions. 


"We looked at certain acts and there is no doubt in my mind that there will be challenges in private prosecutions," he says.

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He added that AfriForum came up with the concept of private prosecutions and thus he decided to take them up on the offer.

"They approached me. No one came to me with a similar idea. Even though AfriForum might be perceived as a right wing organisation - which it is not - they are willing to put their resources to this cause," he says.


"Go ahead, consider this concept and build a team. If it works, it works.


"The last 20 years of my career I spent in court. Cases like (former National Police Commissioner Jackie) Selebi and (former Paralympian and convicted murderer) Pistorius took over my life."

He says he has never been involved in the management aspect of public prosecutors but that he is very proud of the success rate of prosecutors who keep the justice system afloat.


"From where I am sitting, I believe there is scope for an office where everyone is equal before the law...and that is my brief," Nel says.

Responding to a question from host, Rian van Heerden, Nel says he did not give 24 hour notice because he was fed-up of working for the state.


"I live in court and the offer did not arise overnight. I had to consider all the pros and cons of leaving the public prosecutor's office and then I decided to give 24 hour notice," he says.

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