Jayde's husband to apply for bail

Jayde's husband to apply for bail

The husband of murdered teacher Jayde Panayiotou will be applying for bail on Thursday.


Christopher Panayiotou's attorney, Alwyn Grievenow, confirmed on Monday that he would be bringing a bail application on behalf of his client.


National Prosecuting Authority spokesperson, Velekhaya Mgobhozi, said the NPA will be opposing the bail application.


Panayiotou, 28, is one of three people arrested for the murder of his wife. He is facing charges of conspiracy to commit murder, murder, kidnapping and robbery with aggravating circumstances.


Panayiotou, the alleged mastermind behind the murder, is reportedly on 24-hour watch for fear he might try to commit suicide, Netwerk24 reported on Thursday.


He is awaiting trial at St Albans prison in Port Elizabeth. If he is refused bail, he will continue to await trial at the prison.



Author: Derrick Spies,  News24

Newswire ID: 3007

File photo: Gallo Images

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