Joburg serial killer Mkhwanazi convicted on multiple charges

Joburg serial killer Mkhwanazi convicted on multiple charges

Sifiso Mkhwananzi has been found guilty on more than 20 counts, including rape and premeditated murder, relating to the discovery of the six decomposed bodies of Johannesburg sex workers in October 2022.

Masechaba Sefularo/Jacaranda FM News

Judge Cassim Moosa delivered his judgment in the High Court sitting in Palm Ridge on Wednesday.


Moosa rejected Mkhwanazi's version, detailed in his admissions, in which he denied planning the murders while insisting sex between him and the deceased was consensual.


“I rejected the version of the accused as set out in the Section 220 admissions as beyond false and find that the accused had acted with premeditation and planning and had formed an intention to kill the deceased.


“Further, having due regard, the totality of the evidence before this court and the necessary inferences that may be drawn therefrom, I find that the accused did unlawfully have sexual intercourse with all the deceased.”


Moosa further ordered that Mkhwanazi should undergo mental observation to determine whether he is a dangerous criminal.


“The accused is referred to the Sterkfontein hospital for a report to be compiled by the psychiatrist in order for this court to determine as to whether the accused represents a danger to the mental and physical of other persons or the community.”


Forensic psychologist Gerard Labuschagne worked as an advisor for Legal Aid on this matter and was in court for the ruling.


He explained the implications of the order: “If the court gets the feedback from Sterkfontein and accepts that he’s a dangerous criminal, it would lead to an indeterminant sentence, which would mean that judge, for example, say, ‘I’m going to give you 20 years, at 20 years you come back before me or any other judge…you have to argue and convince the court that you’re rehabilitated’. If the court feels that you are, they can release you, and if they feel that you’re not, they can extend it by another ten years, for example.”


The matter will return to court on 8 May for the psychiatrist's report.

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