Kieswetter: Sars ‘broken, on the floor’

Kieswetter: Sars ‘broken, on the floor’

South African Revenue Service (Sars) commissioner Edward Kieswetter has lambasted his embattled predecessor Tom Moyane for destroying the entity.

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Kieswetter was speaking at a state capture conference, hosted by the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation and the Public Affairs Research Institute (PIRA), in Auckland Park on Wednesday.


He painted a grim picture of how the embattled Moyane brought governance at the institution to its knees.


"The organisation is broken, it is on the floor, it is destroyed from the core of the human fibre, morale, trust through to the capabilities that are vested in people."


Scopa vows to tackle SAA's financial non-compliance

The cash-strapped state-owned airline failed to submit audited annual reports to Parliament last month. Scopa chairperson Mkhuleko Hlengwa says the airline's non-compliance has become a trend. "The SAA issue of non-submission is fast becoming normalised. "It cannot be allowed to continue, because if we do that here we are aiding and abetting this kind of non-compliance."

Retired judge Robert Nugent probed tax governance and administration under former SARS commissioner Tom Moyane's administration.


The report recommended that Moyane be fired adding that there was little possibility of Moyane salvaging what went wrong during his tenure.


"Nugent quite rightly frames it as a massive failure of governance and integrity," adds Kieswetter.


"I can also tell that how ever badly the Nugent report framed what has happened at Sars, the actual reality is significantly worse."

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