More than 200,000 fines issued in SA this festive season

More than 200,000 fines issued in SA this festive season

The Minister of Transport, Fikile Mbalula says as the country reached the halfway mark this festive season, more than 600,000 cars had been stopped at more than 500 roadblocks nationwide.

Mbalula Roadblocks
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“This resulted in 231 937 traffic fines being issued to motorists for various transgressions of the law,” said Mbalula on Monday.

However, the number of traffic fines issued is less than those issued over the same period during the previous festive season by 101 595.

According to the Minister, “This is an indication of improving compliance with the rules of the road by many motorists. I must hasten to add that this is no cause to celebrate because every transgression is a potential fatality.”

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Mbalula said the number of arrests has also come down from 3 052 previously to 2 915, representing a slight improvement in driver behaviour.

He added: “We remain concerned about the high number of people who continue to drive under the influence of alcohol. A total of 1 397 drivers were arrested for drunk driving while 272 were arrested for driving at excessive speeds and 438 had outstanding warrants of arrests for failing to pay previous traffic fines.”

Mbalula released his department’s Mid Term Statistics on fatalities for the 2019 festive season on Monday “to gauge our progress in reversing the carnage on our roads.”

“Our evaluation shows that our law enforcement interventions are on target and continue to have the desired impact,” said the Minister.

He said that for the festive season to date, a total of 489 fatal crashes have been recorded, which is a 25% decrease compared to 656 fatal crashes recorded over the same period last year.

These crashes resulted in 589 people dying on the country’s roads, compared to 839 last year, marking a 30% reduction in fatalities.

The majority of those who died were pedestrians at 39%, followed by passengers at 34%, drivers at 26% and cyclists at 1%.

All provinces recorded reduction in fatalities.

“In the coming days, we will intensify our efforts on pedestrian and passenger fatalities by ramping up policing inside suburbs, townships and villages. Law enforcement operations focusing on drunken driving and the wearing of seatbelts will also be increased,” said Mbalula. 

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