More than half of Vuwani learners still not back at school

More than half of Vuwani learners still not back at school

The Limpopo provincial government said only 47 percent of learners in Vuwani have returned to class by Wednesday.

Mobile classroom in Vuwani_jacanews
Photo: Maidi Monareng, JacarandaFM News

Some classes resumed last week following a two week shut down in the area following violent protests.

Despite the delivery of mobile classrooms, some learners and teachers are staying at home.

Government spokesperson Phuti Seloba said law enforcement agencies were working to ensure that the intimidation against the learners and teachers was dealt with.

"We have been engaging [with community leaders] and now we are getting parents to release their [children] to go and learn. The programme, which we will be unveiling tomorrow until Friday, is aimed at ensuring we increase the numbers [of learners in school]," Seloba said.

Yesterday, Limpopo's Coorperative Governance MEC Makoma Makhurupetje said there were still reports of intimidation and that, despite engagement with communities, some areas remain problematic.

"We do get those reports that somebody wrote a letter to say that taxis must not operate or teachers must not go to school. We are attending to that matter and we think we are really finding a solution to that problem. So, for us, it is a continuous process.

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