Namaqualand in bloom despite drought

Namaqualand in bloom despite drought

Namaqualand is in bloom despite the serious drought that has hit South Africa. 

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Experts have labelled the current drought one of the worst in recent history with growing concern over food production and the financial future of the country’s farmers.


Food security has also become a cause for concern but government has reiterated that it has not reached crisis level yet.


Despite the current drought, chairperson of Northern Cape Tourism, Colin Fortune, says tourists are streaming into the region and although the rainfall was much lower this year, the flowers are still a spectacular picture of bright orange, green and purple. 


According to the latest available statistics the Northern Cape had more than 26 000 visitors during the first half of the year. 

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These numbers are expected to rise as flower enthusiasts are streaming in and Fortune says the flowers were early this year, but more rain would definitely prolong the flower season.

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