NFP appeal loses court bid to contest election

NFP appeal loses court bid to contest election

The Independent Electoral Court has dismissed an appeal by the National Freedom Party (NFP). 

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The court has confirmed the Independent Electoral Commission's (IEC) decision to disqualify the party from participating in next month's election. 

The NFP was disqualified after it missed a deadline to pay its deposit to the commission.

The IEC's Kate Bapela said the NFP is running out of options.

"Being on the ballot paper is a legal matter, it's a legislative matter. The candidate nomination has closed, we've even issued certificates. We are at the point in the electoral timetable where we are now beginning the process of printing ballot papers so that come 1 August, when we do the first day of special voting, the electorate has got materials at voting stations," Bapela said.

The NFP's Sabelo Gudu said they are considering approaching the Constitutional Court.

"We feel that it is out constitutional right that people should vote based on their choice and not on what has been imposed on them. The NFP will be meeting today and we will decide on what other options are available for us," he said.

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