No luck in finding escaped Kliprivier tiger - NSPCA

No luck in finding escaped Kliprivier tiger - NSPCA

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) spokesperson Keshvi Nair says the female tiger remains on the loose.

Tiger on the loose in Joburg after attacking man and dog.
A tiger is on the loose in Joburg after escaping from a property in the Walkerville area and attacking a man and a dog. Image: Unsplash

The tiger, which escaped from a cage on a smallholding in the area on Saturday, has already attacked a 39-year-old man and a dog,

"Neither the NSPCA or the Vereeniging SPCA were aware of tigers being privately kept in an enclosure in their side,” says Nair.

“We were only informed about the tigers after one had escaped after someone allegedly cut the fence of the enclosure. Both Vereeniging SPCA and the NSPCA were on sight and questioned the owner of the tiger.

“Vereeniging SPCA inspected the keeping enclosure of the tigers and monitored the darting of the male tiger that has now been moved to a different location."

Nair adds that the NSPCA and the local SPCA are part of the search for the cat.

"Both the Vereeniging SPCA and the NSPCA formed part of the search parties to look for the missing tiger, as well as to ensure that the welfare of the tiger will be taken into consideration if she needed to be darted in order to be moved to a different location. 

"When it comes to permits in regard to keeping these animals, unfortunately no keeping permits are required to keep these wild and dangerous animals in residential areas in Gauteng. This is a matter that SPCA and NSPCA alike remain opposed too. Wild animals belong in the wild and there are many risks in keeping wildlife in captivity especially in residential areas," added Nair.


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