No school for Vuwani learners

No school for Vuwani learners

State schools re-open for the second quarter of the year this morning, but in the troubled area of Vuwani in Limpopo children will stay away. 

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Photo: Slindelo Masikane

According to the pro-Makado group's Nsavo Sambo, they have completely shut down the town that has been at the centre of a demarcation war for years.

"Everything is closed down. Businesses, taxis, schools, people aren't going to work," he told Jacaranda FM News.

He adds that it is a peaceful shutdown and residents are merely staying away from work until their demands are being adhered to.

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"There is no plan, we are just staying away in anticipation for resolutions around our demand,"

Pro-Makhado residents do not want to be part of the newly formed Malamulele Municipality.

This issue has led to the torching of schoolsviolent protests as well as government ministers and even President Jacob Zuma visiting the area in recent years.

Sambo says they are in continuing meetings with provincial government, but they are not sure of the way forward.

"For now, we are continuing with the shut down - that is our current resolution. We will see, as time goes on, what our plans are," he says. 

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