NSPCA responsible for dog fighting add

NSPCA responsible for dog fighting ad

The National Council of SPCAs confirmed that it was responsible for the advertisement that did the rounds on social media. 

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This after outrage from members of the public about the dog fighting advertisement appeared on Facebook on Monday.

According to reports the ad, with the number of the company, was spotted in the streets of northern Johannesburg on Monday morning.

Dog fighting is illegal in South Africa and dog owners who allow their dogs to fight, and even the spectators attending the fight, could face prosecution.

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The NSPCA however confirmed on its facebook page that the add was part of a guerrilla campaign for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) designed to raise awareness of the growing number of underground dog fights taking place across the country.

The organisation planned to keep the adverts up for three days, but according to reports took it down following death threats and an unexpectedly overwhelming response were coming clean today. 

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