OUTsurance apologises for controversial Father’s Day video

OUTsurance apologises for controversial Father’s Day video

OUTsurance has apologised for its Father’s Day video.

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The insurance company faced serious backlash on social media after tweeting the video which does not represent South Africa’s demographics.


It shows predominantly white men doing acts of kindness and only one black man.


The exclusionary video created a social media uproar with some calling the advert racist.


Group CEO Willem Roos admits the video was exclusionary.


Roos says the video did not follow the normal process of approval.


“The video clearly didn’t reflect the demographics of South Africa and the OUTsurance staff. We can only profusely apologise. The video was posted by our social media team and did not follow the normal approval processes. We are sorry for the offence caused and will make sure in future it does not happen again,” Roos says.


Roos says a disciplinary hearing will follow.


“The post was not approved by our senior management team and we will have appropriate internal disciplinary procedures and I will deal with it personally.”


He says it’s too early to say what impact the uproar could have on business.


“We are aware that we have caused offence and our clients will not be happy. When our clients call, we will apologise and give them the best services,” he says.

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