Pandor: Women constitute 44% of SA workforce

Pandor: Women constitute 44% of SA workforce

International Relations and Cooperation Minister Naledi Pandor says stats show that the percentage of women in the workforce has increased to 43.8% in South Africa.

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Pandor delivered the keynote address at the 2023 Annual Forbes Africa Leading Women’s Summit in Pretoria on Wednesday. 

“Our statistics in South Africa indicate that women are now an increasingly significant presence in the workplace. In terms of recent statistics, women constitute 43.8% of the labour force in our country and are therefore making an important contribution to our economy,” she said at the event to mark International Women’s Day.

Pandor said it is important to recognise where progress has been made.

“It is important always to recognise where there has been progress because if you live on the basis that nothing has been achieved you actually reduce the energy to strive. The summit is a great platform to advocate for women's social, economic, political and cultural rights.

“In South Africa we are fortunate in that the achievement of freedom and democracy has led to a positive progress in a wide range of sectors. If South Africa had not achieved freedom in 1994, if we did not have a positive constitution with a bill of rights, we would only be gathered here in the tens and not hundreds so we have made progress and we must acknowledge that.”


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