Public needs protection from public protector, says EC Premier Oscar Mabuyane

Public needs protection from public protector, says EC Premier Oscar Mabuyane

A report released by the public protector on Friday revealed Eastern Cape Premier Oscar Mabuyane, other government officials and private companies irregularly benefitted from R1.1 million allocated to the memorial service for the late struggle stalwart Winnie Madikizela-Mandela.

Oscar Mabuyane

Speaking during an ANC campaign trial in the Eastern Cape on Sunday, Mabuyane says he will be taking the report for a review.

“The public needs to be protected from her as a public protector. I’m taking that report for review on substantial grounds as well as on technical grounds. As I was listening to the report being tabled, I only received that report at 4pm after she already released it. So generally, there are issues on how she behaves and how she conducts herself.”

At the time Mabuyane was the MEC for Economic Development, Environmental Affairs, and Tourism.

When asked if he was consulted during the investigation, Mabuyane confirms that he was but the public protector ignored the facts he gave.

“I’ve been consulted, we gave her all the details and all facts, and she deliberately decided to ignore every fact because she already had a pre-arranged conclusion that she wanted to arrive at.

“Now the court will help her understand the role of the office she occupies. That office is so important it must be protected in our constitutional democracy, it’s about the future of this country. We can’t have people to be this reckless about it.”

Mabuyane added that there he was in consultations with his lawyers and by mid-next week, papers will be in court filing for review.


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