SA shows off its 'Top Guns'

SA shows off its 'Top Guns'

SAAF South African Air Force
Maryke Vermaak

The South African Air Force (SAAF) wowed as it displayed its fighting capabilities in Limpopo - the home of our country's top 'Mavericks'.


The SAAF held its renowned Roodewal capability demonstration at the weapon range outside Makhado on Thursday.


Fighter and cargo planes as well as a variety of helicopters roared overhead in mock combat as they blew up targets in a fashion that would make any true Top Gun fan proud.

Aside for the genuine child-like excitement induced by watching these truly incredible beasts cut through the sky, the purpose of the demonstration is to showcase the Air Force's combat readiness as well as its role in peace support operations.


This year spectators were treated to not only the Gripen and Hawk aircraft - which were acquired during the controversial Arms Deal - but also the well-known Rooivalk and Oryx helicopters.


The aircraft circled above infantry regiments on the ground giving onlookers just a little taste of what they really do when deployed.

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